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This gallery will contain GSRM characters (gender/sexual/romantic minority), original stories and characters, silly things, photography, drawings, paintings, fan fiction, and fan art. And probably some other stuff, too.

Commission Info

Commissions Are Open!

payment options through paypal or mailed check only.

Literature Commissions

$1.00 per 300 words.

$5 - 1,500 word story

$15 - 4,500 word story

$30 - 10,000 word story

Poetry is an even $5 per poem. If you really want to risk my poetry, of course.

The payment sets a minimum work limit. I will not go below the amount you have paid for, but if I end up going above the limit, there will be no extra charge. Lit commissions will be posted online or sent directly to the recipient's email/note inbox depending on their preference.

Visual Commissions

Character Bust*
Sketch - $5
Ink - $7
Colored (marker or watercolor) - $10

Full Body
Sketch - $7
Inked - $10
Colored - $12

Add $3 for a colored background
Add $3 for any additional characters

Any other subject besides a character, such as a background or inanimate machine, can be negotiated through comments or notes. I am fine with drawing nudity or risque work, but no real-life celebrity figures.

Disclaimer: If a commissions involves a character which does not belong to the commissioner, I will assume that the commissioner has contacted and received permissions from the owner prior to asking for a commission. I will also assume the creator of copyrighted characters involved in a commission is either publicly all right with his character's involvement or permission has been obtained, unless I know otherwise (ex. Harry Potter, Disney, Bill Watterson, etc have strong "do not make money off these characters" rules which I will respect) . I probably won't bring this up, but it needs to be stated somewhere.
Characters from anime and manga are not subject to this as Japan has different copyright laws.

*A bust is the torso and up. Real world (or similar) , or standard mythical creatures animal characters will be priced as a bust. Chimeras or made up creatures will be priced as a full body. )

Examples of my work

APH: no YOU lost the remote by BeaBae Hidden behind cinderblock walls by BeaBae Whose Camp This Is I Think I Know by BeaBae Commission 1 untitled by BeaBae Whose camp this is I think I know... (colored) by BeaBae fighting the chicken dragon by BeaBae

And Smoldering Airplane Wings
For UraharaSteph's AU contest
Warnings: Period-relevant racism, WWII, PTSD, foul language, character death, and gratuitous use of the Girl Scouts of America. Slice-of-Life, human names, FACES(eychelles) family.

" Heroism is endurance for one moment more." "
- George F. Kennan
The year was 1955, and the house had been old for a very long time. On windy nights houses all the way across the street could hear the dark green shutters clattering against their frames, and on rainy days the curtains were thrown wide open and occasionally figures could be seen moving about. On sunny days, half of the curtains were drawn completely, but on summer days the windows would be strategically opened and closed throughout the day to catch the breeze.
The house was neither haunted nor old, but it was an eerie place to be around. Most of the children avoided it for the simple fact that it was unappealing and there were better yards to invade than the weed infested flowerbed— mo
Raindance Maggie
Twenty-three years before the crippling of Crown Prince James III
He was fourteen and she was probably aged about the same, give or take a few years. It had been an hour since he'd met her.
He hated her already.
She scowled behind him and likely shared the sentiment as they scampered up the hillside in a desperate attempt to escape the roaring mob that seemed to be growing perpetually larger and coming ever-closer. Gabriel would have liked to say that it was all her fault he was in this situation, though it was his careless nicking of—what was it? A chicken— that started the first old woman running, but how was he supposed to know that she'd stumble and fall and everyone else would think he'd assaulted her?
He hadn't. He'd taken the chicken, snapped its neck and run, because he hadn't eaten meat in weeks and he was starting to feel the affects on his already weak limbs.
This is what happens, he thought. This is what happens when you live like th

Please drop a note if you're interested. Once the request is decided upon, I will note the recipient the paypal address. Overseas shipping is available, though there will be a slight increase in price to places outside the USA in order to cover the shipment fee. Payment can be given partially as a down payment or full upfront.
going home for another funeral. Now we just wake for the stalker with the brain tumor and grandaddy. And our neighbors I guess. Hm. Hoping mom won't be too mad at me if I take two hours off of mourning to eat with Aleks. 

Have you ever had one of those mornings where it's like "Did I eat the twist tie accidentally or did it just fall on the floor???" Because this is the first one I've had that I can remember. 

It's awful but I'm doing the thing where all my emotions are going towards APH characters again. The last few days I've been absolutely freaking out over APH Gilbert. I think I'm projecting. I want my brother back a lot lately. I'm hoping starting a grief support group at school might help out, because another student just lost her grandparent, another lost a friend of their family's, and one of my teachers just lost their mother. I don't understand why people don't talk about death more. It's literally all over the place. This is why people had memento mori. There was literally death everywhere. There's even more now. There's a plague coming.

Ugh ugh ugh




Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Um um um hi.

I am an aspiring novelist, illustrator, and would greatly like to combine art and storytelling into their lovechild known as "comics" one day. I'm acesexual, panromantic, potentially cis??, white and dyslexic. Fun combos. I have 16 13 17 15 cats and too much fur on my clothes.

Drop a line if you want to talk. I'll blabber forever if you need me to. I actually love talking to people, even if it will take me a while to reply.…

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thank you!! :la: :glomp: I'm sorry I've been pretty non responsive lately but thanks for not forgetting me!! :) How are things?
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Heh, I've also been very busy.  Between work and drawing my day is darn full, but I am happy ^w^
How have you been?
BeaBae Apr 15, 2014  Student General Artist
I've been all right. Happier than before partly because of being busier I think. I would be even happier if school stopped giving out homework though! I'm trying to get back on top of social things online though. 
I always knew consistent updates would be hard but lately I'm really in awe of how you stay on top of your comic, seriously, props to you for updating as often as you do!
Happy birthday BeaBae! :party:

First it was tumblr, now dA---I think the rabbits are taking over:… :)

Hope things are going well for you,  and may you have an awesome next year!

Since, if memory serves, you're into off-the-wall science-y things here's one:…

Umm...hey there, Bea. :)

Started a series this week you might appreciate:…
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Welcome to :iconceltic-hetalia: :D
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Thank you. :)
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It's my pleasure :D
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